Tag: git

Talk to Composer

Description This plugin adds plugins on activation to a composer.json-file and on deactivation removes them. That way you can handle your plugins via composer. Plugins are added to the composer.json… Lees verder »

Show Git Branch

Description Shows the git branch you are currently on in the Toolbar. Checks theme then root. Screenshots A screenshot of the Toolbar. Faq Does it work if WP is in… Lees verder »

Gist Embed

Description Inspired by the script written by Blair Vanderhoof, this plugin allows you to input gist files directly into your WordPress posts using a jQuery callback. Currently supports: * Showing… Lees verder »

Gist for Robots WordPress Plugin

Description Drop in the embed code from github between the gist shortcode. [gist]script src=”http://gist.github.com/447298.js?file=github_gist_wordpress_plugin_test.txt”/script[/gist] or pass the ID and file (optional) [gist id=447298 file=github_gist_wordpress_plugin_test.txt] Installation 1) Download the plugin zip… Lees verder »

Github Ribbon

Description Github Ribbons is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to add “Fork me on Github” ribbons to your WordPress posts or pages. You can enable the ribbon per post/page… Lees verder »