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Description Panegyric is a WordPress plugin for displaying Github Pull Requests created by a list of organisations and/or users. It’s main usage is for an organisation or user to show… Lees verder »


Description canvas-nest.js是github上一个很炫酷的开源项目,项目使用不到2kb的Javascript代码构造一个很炫酷的网页背景效果,项目地址为:https://github.com/aTool-org/canvas-nest.js 本wordpress插件是利用上述项目完成的另外一个开源项目(https://github.com/aTool-org/canvas-nest-for-wp),这个项目是一个wordpress插件,并且发布到wordpress.org官网上。 项目代码简单,并且开源,更多信息可以访问:http://www.atool.org/ 。 Faq 设置面板中设置项的含义? 参数含义可以参考:https://github.com/aTool-org/canvas-nest.js/blob/master/README.md。 Installation This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working. e.g. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory,… Lees verder »

Harrix MarkdownFile

Description Harrix MarkdownFile is a plugin to display Markdown files with syntax highlighting in WordPress. Demo http://blog.harrix.org/?p=1336 The plugin uses the libraries: parsedown: http://parsedown.org/ highlightjs.org: https://highlightjs.org/ Usage [markdown-file][/markdown-file] This shortcode… Lees verder »

Get Gist

Description A simple WordPress plugin that adds a gist shortcode for getting a single Gist and the files within. It uses the Gist V3 API. Has the option for authentication… Lees verder »


Description GitSwag displays data from a Github account using Github’s public API. In order to avoid rate-limiting, it caches the JSON from the API locally, and refers to that whenever… Lees verder »

Post to Gist

Description This plugin provides the ability to save post into GitHub Gist every time a post is saved. Features Choose which post type is enabled. Saves post content as text… Lees verder »

DX GitHub Badge

Description Display simple GitHub profile badge. Works with widget or placing a shortcode. The plugin is based on Github Badge – http://githubbadge.appspot.com/ Screenshots Dashboard Widgets Front End Widget Faq How… Lees verder »

Github Shortcode

Description Github Shortcode is a plugin that allows you to embed a GitHub repository in a page or post using a simple shortcode. Usage: [github repo=”octalmage/Github-Shortcode”] Screenshots Example of the… Lees verder »

DX GitHub Zen

Description Add some Zen by GitHub to your WordPress website. The guys from GitHub provide a great API at https://api.github.com/zen with various geeky messages. The plugin is fetching the messages… Lees verder »

Repo Widget

Description Use WordPress shortcode to embed GitHub repositories into your blog. The embededd repositories will show the latest information about the repository, Repo title Cloning URLs (HTTP, SSH, GIT) Repo… Lees verder »

Gist Embed

Description Inspired by the script written by Blair Vanderhoof, this plugin allows you to input gist files directly into your WordPress posts using a jQuery callback. Currently supports: * Showing… Lees verder »

Github Embed

Description Plugin that allows you to embed details from github just by pasting in the URL as you would any other embed source. Currently supports: Repositories User profiles Project milestone… Lees verder »

Show Your GitHub Activities

Description http://syga.kjirou.net/ This widget show your GitHub activities. Arbitrary section Screenshots example Faq TODO Installation Upload the files to the /wp-content/plugins/show-your-github-activities/ directory. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in… Lees verder »

Gist for Robots WordPress Plugin

Description Drop in the embed code from github between the gist shortcode. [gist]script src=”http://gist.github.com/447298.js?file=github_gist_wordpress_plugin_test.txt”/script[/gist] or pass the ID and file (optional) [gist id=447298 file=github_gist_wordpress_plugin_test.txt] Installation 1) Download the plugin zip… Lees verder »

Social Medias Connect

Description 支持微博账号与网站已有账号的绑定。 提供wordpress与其它社交媒体网站的连接登陆及文章同步、评论同步转发功能。 支持Github、Google、Yahoo、Facebook、Twitter、人人网、新浪微博、腾讯微博、搜狐微博、网易微博、天涯微博、豆瓣、饭否等约20个第三方网站的账号连接登陆、文章同步、评论 效果预览:http://www.qiqiboy.com/products/plugins/social-medias-connect#respond 欢迎在新浪微博收听我:@qiqiboy V2.0功能 完全重写了以前的代码,插件更稳定! Screenshots 后台同步文章效果 登陆界面效果 后台绑定文章页面 后台设置界面 Faq FAQ请参见http://www.qiqiboy.com/products/plugins/social-medias-connect Installation Download the plugin archive and expand it (you’ve likely already done this). Put the… Lees verder »

Github Ribbon

Description Github Ribbons is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to add “Fork me on Github” ribbons to your WordPress posts or pages. You can enable the ribbon per post/page… Lees verder »


Description GitPress is a WordPress plugin that provides a widget for listing a GitHub user’s repositories. The widget also supports multiple instances just in case you’re running a multi-author blog… Lees verder »

GitHub Code Viewer

Description GitHub Code Viewer automatically pulls a file from and displays it in a blog post. Installation Upload github.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu… Lees verder »