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Description Eliminates the following from head: Adjacent posts links Post, comment, and category feed links Index link Parent post link Start link REST link WLW manifest link Generator link Oembed… Lees verder »

Tags to Keywords

Description Add tags in head of page as meta’s keywords Features Add tags in head of page as meta’s keywords → meta name=”keywords” content=”post’s tags” Faq Installation Instructions Upload tags-to-meta-keywords… Lees verder »


Description Autover plugin will automatically version your CSS and JS files. This is especially useful when using a Content Distribution Network (CDN) for delivering static files like CSS and JavaScripts…. Lees verder »

Add to Head

Description Adds any content (CSS, Javascript, meta, etc…) to the head section of every page of your WordPress site. You control the content by editing a text file, “headContent.php”, located… Lees verder »

Add to Header

Description Benefits Add additional code to your header WITHOUT editing your theme: Stylesheets (CSS) Javascript (JS) Google Analytics Metadata Anything else Example usage Change your downloaded theme visually without changing… Lees verder »