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Hide CPT category from URL

Description This plugin helps in hiding custom post type category from the url and only shows the actual page name. Before – https://yoursitelink/custom-post-type-name/postname After – https://yoursitelink/postname Installation Admin Installer via… Lees verder »

Hide WordPress update notification

Description Плагин “Hide WordPress update notification” скрывает уведомления об обновлении WordPress в панели управления. P.S: Если у вас остались какие-либо вопросы пишите на почту info[@]artemsannikov.ru. Faq Посетите сайт https://artemsannikov.ru/plugins/hide-update-notification/ за… Lees verder »

Who Can See

Description This plugin allows you to create custom page/post the way that will be showed to specified roles for instance : [whocansee only=’visitor|administrator’]something to be showed to visitors/administrators alone [/whocansee]… Lees verder »

Hide update popup

Description Requirements WordPress 2.8+ PHP 5.1+ Screenshots Before activation plugin After activation plugin Faq Is this plugin deactivate updates of wordpress core? No. It just hide popup text. Installation Unzip… Lees verder »

Admin bar AutoHider

Description (jp) 管理バー(admin bar)が自動で消えます。 あと位置も上か下で変更できます。 Readme Generator This Readme file was generated using wp-readme, which generates readme files for WordPress Plugins. Installation Automatic Plugin Installation ( en | jp )… Lees verder »

Hide Content

Description Plugin hides the content from unauthorized users. Installation Upload hide-content to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Toggle Admin Menu

Description Allow users to toggle the visibility of the admin menu. Follow this plugin on GitHub Faq None yet Installation Unzip the downloaded ‘toggle-admin-menu.zip’ file Upload the ‘toggle-admin-menu’ folder to… Lees verder »

Hide Admin

Description The plugin is used to hide the admin account on the list so that users could not modify his password or remove it from the WordPress. If you use… Lees verder »

Better WP ShowHide Elements

Description View demo: http://akenn.org/projects/wp-showhide/ img showhide=”myId1″ src=”https://i1.ytimg.com/vi/-k5rZfw-Co0/mqdefault.jpg” / div id=”myId1″ /div Installation Unzip better-wordpress-showhide-elements.zip Upload better-wordpress-showhide-elements folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress