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Description canvas-nest.js是github上一个很炫酷的开源项目,项目使用不到2kb的Javascript代码构造一个很炫酷的网页背景效果,项目地址为:https://github.com/aTool-org/canvas-nest.js 本wordpress插件是利用上述项目完成的另外一个开源项目(https://github.com/aTool-org/canvas-nest-for-wp),这个项目是一个wordpress插件,并且发布到wordpress.org官网上。 项目代码简单,并且开源,更多信息可以访问:http://www.atool.org/ 。 Faq 设置面板中设置项的含义? 参数含义可以参考:https://github.com/aTool-org/canvas-nest.js/blob/master/README.md。 Installation This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working. e.g. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory,… Lees verder »

DICOM Support

Description The DICOM Support plugin adds the following functionalities to WordPress: allows to upload DICOM (*.dcm) files in the media library, allows to insert DICOM individual files or galleries to… Lees verder »


Description Creates any number of HTML5 elements for uploaded WebVTT files for videos displayed using the and shortcodes. The uploaded WebVTT file names must follow this convention to be recognized:… Lees verder »

HTML5 Simple Video Gallery

Description This plugin adds two shortcodes html5_video_gallery and html5_video_post that help you integrate a simple HTML5 video gallery into your website. Installation Upload the events-manager-osm directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory… Lees verder »


Description Smartideo 是为 WordPress 添加对在线视频支持的一款插件(支持手机、平板等设备HTML5播放)。 目前支持优酷、搜狐视频、土豆、56、腾讯视频、新浪视频、酷6、华数、乐视、YouTube 等网站。 直接粘贴视频播放页完整的URL到编辑器(单独一行),就可以加载视频播放器。 详细介绍 Smartideo 2 (WordPress 视频播放插件) 效果展示 https://www.rifuyiri.net/category/video (视频) https//www.rifuyiri.net/music/m-1/ (音乐) PS: 手机访问可以查看在移动设备上的效果 已知问题 哔哩哔哩在Android手机上无法播放(抓包发现是哔哩哔哩拒绝了一下资源请求,这个需要哔哩哔哩官方修复) Faq Installation Instructions 你可以在后台插件管理页面中直接搜索 Smartideo 并安装 或者上传文件夹 smartideo… Lees verder »

Hermit 音乐播放器

Description Hermit 音乐播放器:支持Html5+Flash 的音乐播放器。 详细介绍: http://mufeng.me/hermit-for-wordpress.html Faq Installation Instructions 上传 Hermit目录 到 /wp-content/plugins/ 目录 在后台插件菜单激活该插件 Installation 上传 Hermit目录 到 /wp-content/plugins/ 目录 在后台插件菜单激活该插件 Changelog 3.1.5 聚散皆叹缘分飘去,感谢过去一直以来的使用支持! 3.1.4 Update Meting; 3.1.3 修复网易云音乐;… Lees verder »


Description The hearthis.at plugin allows you to integrate a player widget from hearthis.at into your WordPress Blog by using a WordPress shortcodes. this is how it works: [hearthis]http://http://hearthis.at/LINK_TO_TRACK_SET_OR_ARTIST/[/hearthis] These Shortcodes… Lees verder »

Smart Editor

Description WYSIWYG(What You See Is What You Get.) HTML5 Editor. Plugin which edits a Page directly from a preview screen. official site. 日本語: 本当のWYSIWYGエディターです。 だって、プレビュー画面で編集しているんだもん。 詳しくは official site. Arbitrary section… Lees verder »

Dragon Video

Description A WordPress plugin for converting uploaded videos to HTML5 format (h264, webm, ogv) and displaying them with the tag. Dragon Video consists of 3 plugins: Dragon Video Dragon Video… Lees verder »

42U HTML5 Upgrade

Description The 42U HTML5 Upgrade prepares your older site for HTML5 and allows you to start using HTML5 structure tags right now in your posts and pages (section, aside, article,… Lees verder »

Tag Cloud Canvas

Description This widget add a tag cloud 3d to your sidebar. Based on the jquery plugin tagcanvas.js from http://www.goat1000.com/. Screenshots Widget view. Widget options. Installation Upload the tag-cloud-canvas dir into… Lees verder »


Description The Web2easy WordPress plugin enables a user to create fluid posts using drag and drop html5 technology. Why struggle with css, html source and old standard editors? Web2easy will… Lees verder »


Description Partcl is realtime cloud service turning a simple web-page into a powerful web application. Partcl saves hundreds of hours of development and solves problems with infrastructure and capacity.

HTML5 Speech

Description Adds the new HTML5 speech attribute to all inputs. This will allow your users to enter text in input fields using voice recognition. Currently this only works in Chrome… Lees verder »