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Description It doesn’t work with the latest versions of WordPress, and as there is no demand for it, there will be no updates. After installing an SSL certificate on your… Lees verder »


Description Adds Content-Security-Policy: upgrade-insecure-requests header if on HTTPS Redirects to HTTPS if not on HTTPS and the browser sends HTTP_UPGRADE_INSECURE_REQUESTS header. This is a simple, no-config plugin with focus on… Lees verder »

Protocol Enforcer

Description A simple drop down selection meta box on a post edit page will allow you to specify default, HTTP or HTTPS. Default will allow both HTTP and HTTPS protocols…. Lees verder »

HTTPS oEmbed Providers

Description Fix for WordPress oEmbeds for various services which now provide https URLs, these aren’t recognised by the WP 3.4.2 list of oEmbed providers. Significant thanks to John James Jacoby… Lees verder »


Description CCS-HTTPS is a simple plugin that allows you to identify which pages should have HTTPS enforced. All other pages will have HTTP enforced. This plug-in will not interfere with… Lees verder »