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Dynamic SVG Icons

Description This plugin provides a number of icons out-of-the-box that can be enabled and included in a site as SVG markup. Custom SVG icons/images are also supported. The icons are… Lees verder »


Description Controllercons are a set of video game controller icons created primarly for web use. This plugin allows you to embed them directly into your WordPress content using the wysiwyg… Lees verder »

Verge Icons

Description This plugin brings to WordPress various font icons for further customizations. You can use a shortcode or implement integration with your theme or plugin by using VergeIconsHelper. Features: Add… Lees verder »


Description A basic plugin with a Kit ID option. This adds the Glyphs.co javascript to the frontend and backend header, essentially installing Glyphs.co onto your WordPress site. It also allows… Lees verder »

MP Easy Icons

Description Choose from over 585 icons and insert into the text editor with just a click! This plugin was designed to make adding icons to text areas extremely simple and… Lees verder »


Description Adds icons in the top right admin bar, easy access to common wp-admin menus Github Feedback Contact me at hej@urre.me or at https://twitter.com/urre and hopefully I can do something… Lees verder »

Array Toolkit

Description Extend Your Array Theme The Array Toolkit provides support for portfolio items, testimonials, galleries, widgets and more to supported Array themes. Simply install the plugin and the theme will… Lees verder »

Simple Category Icons

Description Author: Bas Schuiling Project URI: http://www.weblogmechanic.com/plugins/simple-category-icons/ License: GPL 2. See License below for copyright jots and tittles. Simple Category Icons (SCI) was developed because of dissatisfaction with other icon… Lees verder »

Widget Text Icon

Description Basically it just a WordPress “Text Widget” but with additional icon font selector based on FontAwesome. The Icon will show just before widget title. Screenshots widget-text-icon inteface. The display…. Lees verder »

TypePad emoji for TinyMCE

Description This plug-in is done by will being able to use the pictograph of TypePad with TinyMCE. The icon palette can be easily called from TinyMCE. for Japanese users このプラグインは、TinyMCE上でTypePad絵文字を使えるようにします。… Lees verder »