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Ultimate Watermark

Description Watermark plugin for WordPress media. This plugins allows you to add watermark on images. Installation Upload the ultimate-watermark folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory or install directly through the plugin… Lees verder »

WAJ Image Slider

Description Plugin that creates shortcode for easy creation o’ image sliders. Examples [waj-image-slider images=”5,6,7″] To make it slowly zoom in, add zoom attribute set to true: [waj-image-slider images=”5,6,7″ zoom=”true”] Installation… Lees verder »

WAJ Image

Description This plugin has 3 main classes, with a shortcode for each 1. Shorcodes: * [image src=”%url%”] * [theme-image src=”%url%”] * [upload-image src=”%url%”] * [picture src=”%baseurl%” ext=”%ext%” sizes=”%sizes%”] * [theme-picture… Lees verder »


Description This plugin creates text based images for uploaded attachments. Support If you run into any trouble, don’t hesitate to add a new topic under the support section: https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/asciify Screenshots… Lees verder »

Disable Images Compress

Description Плагин Disable Images Compress позволяет отключить сжатие изображений при загрузке на сайт. P.S: Если у вас остались какие-либо вопросы пишите на почту info[@]artemsannikov.ru. Faq Посетите сайт https://artemsannikov.ru/plugins/disable-images-compress/ за помощью…. Lees verder »


Description Paste screenshots and edit images directly in your wordpress admin. Use Painterro button to visual editor for images editing. Absolutely free and open source. With Painterro you can: Paste… Lees verder »

Banner Image

Description This plugin an backend setting to add an banner images to the sites that can be view from the froundend. Faq Does This plugin works without WordPress Premium Themes… Lees verder »

Align Text Edge

Description This plugin allows you to align heading text and description use by float attribute of style: Arguments uwidth: Background image width. Default value is “20px”. You can set (1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10|11|12|13|14|15|16|17|18|19|20|30|40|50|60|70|80|90|100)px…. Lees verder »