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Description Just insert the gallery as usual and activate this plugin. All the galleries in the site will be changed automatically. Installation Download the zipped file. Extract and upload the… Lees verder »

CD gallery

Description Changes gallery thumbneils to CD jacket image. ギャラリーのサムネイルをCDジャケットの画像に変換するプラグインです。 web site: Island blog – WordPress、ギャラリーをCDジャケットに? ?っているように見せるプラグイン「cd gallery」を書いてみた。 Screenshots jewel vinyl cd Installation Upload all files under repository to the /wp-content/plugins/cd_gallery/… Lees verder »

Get the Image

Description Get the Image is one of the most advanced thumbnail/image scripts ever created for WordPress. It is used everywhere from small blogs to large, enterprise-level solutions like WordPress.com VIP…. Lees verder »

Title Icon

Description Title Icon plugin Displays a small icon or smiley in the title. You have to add ?php if (function_exists(‘the_title_icon’)) the_title_icon(); ? to your index.php, single.php, page.php, archive.php before or… Lees verder »


Description Top Banner Sharing Project, Toga-Q for WordPress. This automatically changes your top banner (image at top of your blog) from our over 1,000 beautifull banner images stock. Faq what… Lees verder »


Description This is moblog. This widget displays most recent image from your twitter time-line so if you post image (with/without text) onto twitter, the widget automatically pulls its image and… Lees verder »


Description This plugin is just as simple as it sounds. If you already use the fabulous plugin NextGEN Gallery than the titleimage plugin gives you the ability to display the… Lees verder »


Description Reflection is a WordPress plugin which applies reflection effect to images with ‘reflection’ as one of the HTML attribute class values. This plugin uses Raphael JavaScript library to create… Lees verder »

Single Photo

Description A photo image on your sidebar with fancy film like frame. You can bring recent photo from your blogs. The photo source should be WordPress -based blog with default-based… Lees verder »


Description I wanted to take the convenience and ease of use of the built-in WordPress shortcode and add a little more functionality to it. By organizing your galleries as multiple… Lees verder »


Description See this pluing at work: http://ftblg.com NEW Provides the photo BBcode ready tu use in a from. Features if available image’s Exif data, displays it. Generate thumbnails for RSS…. Lees verder »