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Seznam Fulltext

Description Diky Seznam fulltext pluginu jiz nemusite zdlouhave pridavat clanky na Seznam “rucne”. Staci jen v administraci pluginu kliknout na clanek, ktery chcete pridat a vse jiz probehne automaticky. Screenshots… Lees verder »

Name: Children Index Shortcode Plugin

Description use the [children-index] shortcode where you want a list of links to the child pages. Developer Website: http://MyWebsiteAdvisor.com Plugin Page: http://mywebsiteadvisor.com/tools/wordpress-plugins/children-index-shortcode/ Video Tutorial: http://mywebsiteadvisor.com/learning/video-tutorials/children-shortcode-plugins-tutorial/ Requirements: To-do: Screenshots Example output… Lees verder »


Description Tagindex is a tags navigation plugin for wordpress. While categories is similar to table of contents of a book, tags is similar to index. History V1.0 – August 05,… Lees verder »