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PitchHub Embed

Description PitchHub Embed currently supports: * Short code “pitchhub” for embedding pitchhub URLs Technical specification… PHP7 compatible Getting Started Use the shortcode “pitchhub” with a string parameter named “url” which… Lees verder »

Auto Content Inserter

Description Automatically insert some specific content into all of your posts at a specified position. Great for automatically adding a newsletter subscription widget. The position is declared in percentage and… Lees verder »


Description Бесплатный онлайн-консультант QuickChat для вашего сайта, который предоставляет вам все инструменты для привлечения клиентов. Минимальные требования для этого плагина – PHP 5.4 Screenshots Работает на всех устройствах Понятная программа… Lees verder »

Header Code

Description Simplest plugin that injects any code into wp_head(). This plugin requires at least PHP 5.4 Installation Upload header-code to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu… Lees verder »

Smart Ads

Description Smart Ads automatically inserts advertisements like Google’s Adsense above and below your post content. These advertisements are only visible when viewing a single post (single.php or page.php). Since it… Lees verder »


Description Sniplets is a generic text insertion plugin with support for an extensible processing framework. At it’s simplest this means you can dynamically replace text in your posts with text… Lees verder »