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Integracja z UpMenu

Description This plugin is relying on a 3rd party as a service. UpMenu Online Ordering System For Restaurants Privacy policy: https://www.upmenu.com/privacy-policy Installation Wgraj pliki wtyczki do folderu /wp-content/plugins/upmenu, lub zainstaluj… Lees verder »

Tistory Writer

Description 글을 포스팅할 때 발행 단계에서 티스토리 블로그의 카테고리를 선택할 수 있습니다. 지원 기능 포스팅하고자 하는 대상 블로그의 카테고리를 선택하여 글 등록/수정을 할 수 있습니다. 카테고리 선택 공개 여부 설정… Lees verder »


Description SocialHub (https://socialhub.io) is a SaaS for planning and publishing content to social networks as well as community management. Additionally to you Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles you are able… Lees verder »

WooCommerce CDEK

Description Integration WooCommerce CDEK (for Russia) Интеграция для системы СДЭК (служба доставки для Интернет магазинов) и WooCommerce (WordPress) Особенности: Синхронизация заказов по протоколу REST API Виджеты расчета цены доставки Простые… Lees verder »


Description Integration WooCommerce Yandex Delivery https://delivery.yandex.ru (for Russia) Интеграция для приложения Яндекс Доставка (агрегатор служб доставки) и WooCommerce (WordPress) Особенности: Синхронизация заказов по протоколу REST API Виджеты расчета цены доставки… Lees verder »

Admitad Tracking

Description If you want to increase sales of your goods or to attract additional users or customers, become an Admitad partner https://www.admitad.com/en/aboard/ This plugin allows you to integrate quickly your… Lees verder »


Description Integration WooCommerce AmoCRM https://www.amocrm.com/ Features: Sync orders to lead via JSON REST API Simple settings Links Sources https://github.com/wpcraft-ru/wooamoconnector Page https://wpcraft.ru/product/wooamoconnector/ XT version https://wpcraft.ru/product/wooamoconnector-xt/ Issues https://github.com/wpcraft-ru/wooamoconnector/issues Installation This section describes… Lees verder »


Description Integration WooCommerce MoySklad http://moysklad.ru (for Russia) Интеграция приложения МойСклад (торговля, опт, розница, склад, производство, CRM) и WooCommerce (WordPress) Особенности: Синхронизация товаров по протоколу REST API Загрузка категорий Загрузка картинок… Lees verder »

Elgg Bridge

Description This plugin is intended for developers that need an easy way to access Elgg’s web services from WordPress. // Retrieve blogs from Elgg elgg_bridge()-getClient()-get(‘blog.get_posts’); // Get a user auth… Lees verder »

BOXTONS WooCommerce Fulfillment Integration

Description BOXTONS (https://www.boxtons.com) Customers and WooCommerce users can now avail from a realtime order fulfillment service that allows for automated order fulfillment as soon as a WooCommerce order has been… Lees verder »

Badge Google+ par JM Créa

Description Le badge Google+ par JM Créa permet d’afficher le badge de votre compte Googtle+ n’importe où (pages et/ou posts). ce plugin est paramétrable, vous pouvez choisir l’affichage vertical, horizontal,… Lees verder »

WooCommerce and 1C:Enterprise/1С:Предприятие Data Exchange

Description In Russian Предоставляет обмен данными между плагином для электронной коммерции WooCommerce и приложением для бизнеса “1C:Предприятие 8. Управление торговлей” (и совместимыми). Для достижения корректной работы плагина могут потребоваться базовые… Lees verder »


Description Generate thumbnails from post and display them.Visit Plugin Page for usage information and project news. Screenshots Admin page Installation Upload miniature to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Activate the plugin through… Lees verder »


Description PiwigoMedia WordPress plugin features integration between Piwigo sites and WordPress, using the TinyMCE editor. The main advantages of PiwigoMedia are: Simplicity. Simple to use and configure No duplicated media…. Lees verder »