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Description 用于 WordPress 博客申请交互式网安网站备案合规化。该插件可按公安备案要求记录留言和评论用的 IP 和端口号,以及精确到秒的时间。 Faq 这个插件用来干嘛的? 仅仅是帮助你完整公安网站备案用的。 Screenshots 展示后台效果,最后一栏为网安要求的用户 IP IP端口 和 精确到秒的时间 Changelog 1.0 完成初始配置

Real IP Detector

Description This plugin allow WordPress to detect visitors Real IP Address when WordPress is behind of Reverse Proxy, Load Balancer. It will start working as soon as you activate it…. Lees verder »


Description This plugin adds an [whatsmyip] shortcode tag to WordPress. You can use it to embed the current User’s IP address inline in a Post. The shortcode takes 3 attributes,… Lees verder »

MW IP Denied

Description MW IP Denied allows you to set access restrictions by IP address for each article. When access is restricted and there is template-access-denied.php, MW IP Denied load it. You… Lees verder »

Real IP 4 Comments

Description Correct comment’s IP address with “HTTP_X_REAL_IP” and/or “HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR” HTTP header and/or Opera Trusted Proxy. Installation Upload real-ip-4-comments directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu… Lees verder »

No Soup

Description If you want to block certain sections of the internet, companies, countries or specific users, you can specify the different IP addresses or IP blocks and where to send… Lees verder »

Remove IP

Description Remove IP it’s a really-really-simple plugin to not log the IP address from the people that comment on your wordpress installation. This plugin will be useful to people that… Lees verder »