Tag: JS

Typed JS

Description This plugin allows you to use Typed JS in your wordpress installation. Just put your content between the [typedjs][/typedjs] tags. Use the + sign to use the backspace feature…. Lees verder »


Description PressCode provides the best and easiest way to add custom code to your WordPress site… without the need for cumbersome plugin creation. While targeted at developers this plugin aims… Lees verder »


Description Source Code on GitHub Documentation The Plugin requires PHP 5.3.2 or newer. Screenshots Accordion List Accordion Edit Accordion Edit Use Accordion Shortcode Frontend Example Faq Installation Instructions Upload mpcx-accordion… Lees verder »

Prism WP

Description Beautify the source codes displayed on your site using the Prism syntax highlighter. Languages Supported: Bash C CoffeScript C++ C# CSS Gherkin Groovy HTTP Java JavaScript Markup PHP Python… Lees verder »

HTML to Post

Description If you use specific clause when you write a post or page, like signature or donation link like me, just download this plugin. 여러분이 서명이나 도네이션 링크 같은 특정한… Lees verder »


Description Removes default version query strings from CSS/JS resources, appends the modified time to the filename, and creates the necessary .htaccess rewrites automagically. What’s the benefit for you? When pushing… Lees verder »

HeadJS Loader

Description This plugin reformats your page to utilize Head JS in your WordPress site. Caution: this plugin can cause major issues with the javascript on your site if not implemented… Lees verder »