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Description WP-AutoLink Plugin can automatically add links on keywords when publish post. Can also add keyword links all existing contents of your blog. WP-AutoLink 可以在发布文章的时候自动添加上关键词链接,也可以对已经发布的内容增加关键词链接。 Installation 1.Unzip  ZIP file and a… Lees verder »


Description We’ve created a WordPress Plugin which adds site-wide Keyword and Description meta-tags. We’re using it on this web site! The process is simple: define some site-wide description and keyword… Lees verder »

Red Prunus

Description 帮助你的blog翻墙。防止GFW的? ?键词过滤,并且自动帮助来自facebook,picasaweb和flickr的图片加代理。 注意: 你的blog服务器? 须在国外,否则图片代理没有用。 因为GFW太淫荡了,反? ?键词过滤的功能并不能十? ?十美。相? ?限制请看plugin主页。 A must-have plugin if you have a wordpress blog which locales outside China have Chinese users It helps your blog… Lees verder »