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Tags to Keywords

Description Add tags in head of page as meta’s keywords Features Add tags in head of page as meta’s keywords → meta name=”keywords” content=”post’s tags” Faq Installation Instructions Upload tags-to-meta-keywords… Lees verder »

Accounting Records Copywriter

Description RUS Администратору потребуется найти копирайтера фрилансера, после чего для нового «члена команды» будет создана учетная запись, посредством вноса данны? email, произвольны? логина/пароля. Далее копирайтер сможет без проблем за? одить… Lees verder »

Textbroker Enhance

Description It adds filters to the modified Textbroker wordpress plugin (http://akmdrei.github.com/Textbroker-Wordpress-Plugin-Plus/). Note that the normal plugin from Textbroker does not support hooks, so you first need to install the modified… Lees verder »


Description Autokeyword plugin adds meta keywords from the contents of your WordPress blog. Autokeyword plugin generates keyword automatically and does not require manually typing keywords which is very tedious. It… Lees verder »


Description The plugin automatically adds keywords in heading from tags. Uses for this purpose one SQL-query as get_the_tags() works only in Loop. The ‘Quick META Keywords’ plug-in uses categories for… Lees verder »