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Social Tweaks

Description Shortcodes 1.[st yt_video_viewcount yt_url=”video_link”] = displays youtube video view count. 2.[st yt_video_likecount yt_url=”video_link”] = displays youtube video like count. 3.[st yt_video_dislikecount yt_url=”video_link”] = displays youtube video dislike count. 4.[st… Lees verder »

VD Likes

Description vd likes is a like or unlike to perticular post ,page or anything! It provides IP based like unlike system. You can set only register user can give liking… Lees verder »

CasePress UpVote

Description CasePress UpVote – posts and comments rating system. [upvote post=123 comment=123] – Shortcode return’s upvote buttons for posts or comments, if attributes is blank – ids get’s automaticly. [upvote_favs… Lees verder »

Sina Weibo Like Button 新浪微博赞按钮

Description Adds Sina Weibo Like button on your site. A must-have plugin if your site visitors are mainly from China. 使用微博「赞」按钮,将生成的代码放置到你的博客、网站或其它支持HTML的位置,让你的用户轻松表达态度。当用户在您的站点上某个网页点击了赞按钮后,同时会同步一条包含网页内容的动态信息到微博显示。 Open Graph plugin by @willnorris is included in this… Lees verder »


Description Adds OExchange and Web Intents support to WordPress’ “Press This” bookmarklet (http://oexchange.org). Supported Plugins: the webfinger-plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/webfinger/ the host-meta-plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/host-meta/ From the website: This’ll help you get up and… Lees verder »

BuddyPress Like

Description Gives users the ability to ‘like’ content across your BuddyPress enabled site. Installation Automatic Installation Ensure BuddyPress is enabled From inside your WordPress administration panel, visit ‘Plugins – Add… Lees verder »