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Multi-Admin Log

Description Up until now, the way Agencies organize and manage the developers for work on various sites has been through email, chat or even phone calls. What Multi-Admin Log does… Lees verder »

Cron Logger

Description Have you ever wonderd what you WordPress is doing in wp-cron.php? Now you can see it. This plugin logs every schedule. Arbitrary section Faq Installation Instructions Upload cron-logger.zip to… Lees verder »

Debug Log

Description If the log is long, the latest lines are show at the top to avoid scrolling. Line numbers are shown for reference. Logs over 5MB do not load until… Lees verder »

Scuba Logger

Description The Scuba Logger plugin extends the functionality of wordpress so that it becomes an online interactive dive log. From the admin section, details of scuba dives can be entered…. Lees verder »

Unified Logging

Description Unified Logging is Logging as a Service (LaaS). This plugin taps into php logging and sends the logging information to Unified Logging (http://www.unifiedlogging.com) so you can be notified if… Lees verder »

Postal Logger

Description Used to log postal codes of users coming to your blog. License Copyright 2010 – 2014 Joe Boydston, Don Kukral This program is free software; you can redistribute it… Lees verder »

URL Record

Description This plugin will create an URL Record on your blog and will write all activity on your blog in main blog page. The file report will found on /wp-content/url-record/data/… Lees verder »

PHP Errors Widget

Description The plugin allows to display PHP errors on the dashboard in a widget. I’ve wrap Gyrus’s code into a plugin, you can see the original code here: http://sltaylor.co.uk/blog/wordpress-dashboard-widget-php-errors-log/ Screenshots… Lees verder »

Clik stats

Description clikStats is a plugin that automatically detects the current links within each post. ClikStats is retrofitable, and requires no special provision from any classes or code. Once activated, clikStats… Lees verder »