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SMTP Override

Description A SMTP Settings manager Override default wp_mail and use basic SMTP settings , when active look in your settings for a new “SMTP Options” option Use wp_mail() as normal… Lees verder »

Post Notifier

Description View on GitHub. This plugin send to specified e-mail address you set. What’s sent? Post title Post thumbnail( If you set the Post Thumbnail ) Post’s URL Faq Installation… Lees verder »


Description Bienvenue dans ce plugin proposé par Sarbacane Software. Après installation, il vous permettra de synchroniser les données de votre site avec l’application d’email marketing Sarbacane Software. Les données sont… Lees verder »


Description This plugin provides an extremely easy way to route WordPress emails through Hectane. After installing and configuring the plugin, all calls to wp_mail() will be intercepted and sent to… Lees verder »


Description Major features in SendCloud include: Post Published Reminder: The subscribers will receive email notifications when a new post is published. Post Commented Reminder: The users who are related with… Lees verder »

DL Verification

Description Этот плагин позволит Вам легко добавить код который требуется для отслеживания и сбора статистики популярными сервисами такими как Yandex и Google, на странице настроек введите код идентификации и сохраните… Lees verder »

Set email sender

Description WordPress by default does not send emails with a correctly specified sending email address. By default outgoing emails from a WordPress installation is sent with user id of webserver… Lees verder »

Swift Mailer

Description Loads the Swift Mailer library into WordPress and nothing more. See http://swiftmailer.org for more information. This plugin was created to provide a reliable way to update the core Swift… Lees verder »

Personal Email

Description This light-weight plugin changes the default wordpress@sitename.com email address that WordPress uses to send emails to the one set in Settings General. Also changes the sending name to the… Lees verder »

Comment Reply Notifier

Description When someone reply a comment, the person who receive this reply will receive a mail. 当有人回复评论时,被回复的人会收到一封提醒邮件。 Faq Other Questions Leave your FAQ Installation Upload all files to your WordPress… Lees verder »


Description Post2Mail plugin allows you to automatically e-mail selected people when a post is published on your blog. Also useful for alerting an administrator when a post has been published… Lees verder »


Description This plugin configures WordPress to use a SMTP server when sending emails instead of the default PHP mail() function. It also creates a settings page where you can enter… Lees verder »

Poty Mail Send

Description Send mail easily from wordpress administration. Load the list of wordpress users with their email addresses to send an email, through a simple form. Envia mails facilmente, desde la… Lees verder »