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Gmap Simple

Description Gmap Simple plugin provide an easiest way to display google map in anywhere using shortcode. The implementation of this plugin is also very easy. Just need to give the… Lees verder »

Tablacus maps

Description Use OpenStreetMap instead of Google Maps using leaflet and Tablacus Maps API. Changelog 1.0.2 Include: leaflet and Tablacus Maps API 1.0.1 Some fix 1.0.0 First release


Description The Vessel API Plugin for WordPress allows you to publish guides from your Vessel Dashboard to your WordPress site. This plugin also tracks analytics from your WordPress site back… Lees verder »


Description The easiest way to use CedarMaps on WordPress. Create a beautiful map with high quality and Persian only labels. Add CedarMaps to your WordPress posts and/or pages quickly and… Lees verder »


Description This plugin is very, very simple. It represents the Swarm app place checkin in your personal blog! With just a few simple clicks you can create new checkins from… Lees verder »


Description This is a plugin for locating any place by typing first few letters. The names are searched in operstreetmaps data using nominatim api http://nominatim.openstreetmap.org It uses leaflet.js library for… Lees verder »

Easy Google Map

Description A easy to use Google Map plugin for WordPress to display your business location on map. Here are the features list: Address marker based on inserted address ( i.e…. Lees verder »


Description WordPress plugin that displays a “location taken map” for all embedded Flickr photos that contain coordinates. For every photo in a wordpress post/page that is hosted on Flickr, this… Lees verder »

US Heat Map

Description A plugin that allows users to easily show a “heat distribution” of data across a usmap. For example, if you wanted to show which states your company’s representatives are… Lees verder »

My Maps

Description The plugin Using this plugin you can create shortcode maps and set them in your posts or pages. Используя данный плагин, вы сможете создавать шорткоды карт и размещать их… Lees verder »


Description 基于高德地图的WordPress插件,利用短代码可以在任何你想插入地图的地方插入有标记的地图。支持自定义尺寸大小,自定义其他描述 Screenshots 正常状态下就是这样 Faq 应该不会有什么使用上的困难的,因为很好用。 如果有的话,请移步至wp-amaps主页获取帮助 Installation 安装 就像其它插件那样安装就行了! 使用 [amaps id=’myid’ w=’100px’ h=’100px’ lon=’126.633286′ lat=’45.747425′ address=’哈尔滨工业大学一校区’ info=’这是一个很好的大学’] Or [amaps lon=’126.633286′ lat=’45.747425′ address=’哈尔滨工业大学一校区’ info=’这是一个很好的大学’] Or [amaps address=’哈尔滨工业大学一校区’ info=’这是一个很好的大学’] Or… Lees verder »

Cartogiraffe Map

Description Cartogiraffe.com is a new map based on Openstreetmap. You can use it as standard map, bicycle map, transport map or hiking map. The bicycle map contains cycleways, cyclepaths and… Lees verder »

WP Baidu Map

Description 真搞不明白为什么那么多人把针对百度搜索引擎的网站地图插件叫做 WordPress 百度地图插件,那么叫的话,让真正的WordPress百度地图插件情何以堪啊? 重要提示: 1.2.2 版为重要更新,否则将因百度地图ak过度调用而随时无法使用。 使用 设置百度地图ak 在 百度的相关页面 免费申请地图ak,可以创建多个地图应用,每个应用一个ak,填入主文件的下面的数组: public static $myAks = [ ‘uTnsDeLMYe3OM7cALx04ay****’, ‘v4jcHfzIMeNxC1s5qtreQA****’, ‘SD1bB49aZuyowudZQDcxgs****’, ‘PTkBaXwQPGr9lGkWA470Wy****’, ‘svf0p9LTe9VTM8NTTF0MgH****’, ]; 以上为测试AK,随时失效,你应该申请自己的百度地图ak了! 插入地图 支持以两种方式插入百度地图: 可使用编辑器右上方的地图按钮插入地图(支持输入地址后,解析为百度地图的坐标),输入完成后,点击插入,可以在插入按钮上面的文本栏中看到短代码, 你可以把这个短代码用在任何想用的页面,或者,再点击下插入按钮,它就插入到当前文章/页面中了。 你也可使用短代码自行插入地图: 在你想调用百度地图的地方使用短代码调用百度地图,示例:… Lees verder »