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Email All Users

Description Email All Users is a plugin that creates a widget that allows you to send mass email to all registered users in your wordpress site. You configure the widget… Lees verder »

Vücut Kitle Endeksi

Description Hesaplanan değerlerin sonuçları, Dünya Sağlık Örgütü verilerine göre yorumlanarak gösterilmektedir. Screenshots Bileşen listesinde Vücut Kitle Endeksi’nin görünümü. Hesaplama formunun sayfada görünümü. Hesaplama sonuçlarının sayfada görünümü. Installation vucut-kitle-endeksi klasörünü wp-content/plugins… Lees verder »

Quick Slugs

Description Quick Slugs is a plugin that helps you edit, update posts/pages slugs quickly. For more details, including installation and usage instruction, please visit my page: http://hieudt.info/wp-plugins/quick-slugs/ Screenshots The main… Lees verder »

Bulk Delete

Description Bulk Delete is a WordPress Plugin that allows you to delete posts, pages, attachments, users and meta fields in bulk based on different conditions and filters. Features The following… Lees verder »