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Remove All Menu Item

Description Remove All Menu, allows you to delete all menu items in a menu. Installation install and activate the plugin Goto Appearance Truncate Menu Select menus and click delete all… Lees verder »

Wield Menu

Description This plugin makes long and complex navigation menus better manageable by creating groups that can be expanded and collapsed. By default, all navigation menus in wp-admin will be collapsed…. Lees verder »


Description SinglePlatform helps local business get discovered everywhere that matters online. With our official WordPress plugin, you can connect your website to our portal so that all of your updates… Lees verder »

Food Lister

Description Easy Food Lister Menus from CSV files plugin Important note: You must have Contact Form 7 and Contact Form 7 Modules – Hidden Fields plugins installed, otherwise the menu… Lees verder »

Wizhi banner images

Description For English user Display diffrent banner images in page and taxonomy terms。 this plugin must work with “piklist plugin”,before install,you must install and active “piklist plugin” first。 ** usage… Lees verder »

Wizhi Submenus

Description For English user Display page`s subpage and taxonomy terms belongs to a post type in sidebar。 Contact:470266798@qq.com Note:This plugin require php 5.4+, recommend use php 5.6 中文用户 在侧边栏显示某个页面的子页面列表或隶属于某个文章类型下面的自定义分类项目列表。 联系方式:470266798@qq.com… Lees verder »

pjax menu

Description Adds ajax requests to your nav menu so you can navigate your site without full page refreshes. Only the content data needs to be loaded. Uses jquery-pjax.

Add to Menu

Description Quickly add Pages, Posts, or any custom post type posts to any of your menus while you are editing the post. Check the checkbox for the menu to add… Lees verder »


Description OBS: All credits to this menu should go to: TransMenu March, 2003 Customizable multi-level animated DHTML menus with transparency. Copyright 2003-2004, Aaron Boodman (www.youngpup.net) All I did was to… Lees verder »