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Description Tape enables you to send interactive video messages to customers’ phones. Delight customers with Tape’s video-over-SMS technology. 98% open rates ensure your video-enhanced lead response, customer outreach, fundraising requests,… Lees verder »

Secret Messenger

Description Will add secret message in html source in your website. Faq Installation Instructions Upload the secret-messenger folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in… Lees verder »

SMS Sender

Description Send SMS using SMSgw.net as main provider and others providers like Mobily.ws, 4jawaly.net, Malath.net.sa, Resalty.net and AshharSMS.com. Screenshots Admin – Send SMS Admin – Messages Admin – Control Contacts… Lees verder »

SMS for WordPress

Description SMS for WordPress (sms4wp) 플러그인으로 워드프레스에서 문자메시지를 전송할 수 있습니다. SMS/LMS/MMS를 기본으로 전송하며, 즉시/예약전송이 가능하며, 개인별 전송은 물론 그룹전송이 가능합니다. 수신자를 그룹으로 분류하여 관리하고, 문자 템플릿을 관리하여 편리하게 문자를… Lees verder »