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Bíblia Popup

Description Bíblia Popup converte automaticamente referências bíblicas em seu site em links para que seus leitores possam ler a referencia bíblia citada simplesmente passando o mouse (desktop) ou clicando (mobile)… Lees verder »

Pop Up Block

Description This is a pop up block for the new Gutenberg editor. Includes pop up animation options, color customization, size customization and more. Changelog 1.0.1 Updated readme and added assets

wbldr Zooming

Description Wszystkie zdjęcia będące linkiem zamiast otwierać się w nowej stronie stają się modalem. Faq Installation Instructions Wrzuć wbldr-zooming.php do /wp-content/plugins/ Aktywuj plugin w zakładce ‘Pluginy’ w WordPress Wszystkie ustawienia… Lees verder »

GW CF7 Modal

Description This plugin will show selected Contact Form 7 form in modal window and some optional additional text and styling. Demo Check Demo Faq Note: this plugin applies only minimal… Lees verder »

Tutsup Modal

Description This plugin allows you to create simple modals in your site/blog. You can put any custom HTML and CSS inside your modal, like subscription forms, warnings, advertisement, simple text,… Lees verder »

Simple Modal

Description Sometimes content doesn’t need it’s own separate page but it’s enough that you don’t want to jam it all into one page. Modals are a great way to handle… Lees verder »

PR Splash

Description Este é um simples plugin para exibição de mensagens ou imagens em forma de splash na página inicial. Faq Ainda com dúvidas? Envie seu email para contato@paulor.com.br e te… Lees verder »

Ultimate Modal

Description Displays a modal on your WordPress site, configuring the contents with an editor. Check the Screenshots for examples. Credits jquery.cookie by Klaus Hartl Icon by Victor Erixon License Ultimate… Lees verder »

Pop Your Notes

Description This plugin shows modal window using jQuery simplemodal plugin. While it’s activated, a necessary JS and Stylesheet is be already inserted WordPress’s section. And You can set the Content,… Lees verder »