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Remove more

Description В WordPress, при разделении записи с помощью тега “Далее” страница обрезается и ссылка на вторую часть поста имеет атрибут /#more. Плагин “Remove more” удаляет атрибут #more из ссылки. P.S:… Lees verder »

More Posts

Description Appends other available posts of a category in the details pages of individual posts. Useful in navigating other articles of same category. Additionally you can use [mysitemap] shortcodes with… Lees verder »

The Whole Post

Description When you show partial posts on your main page or archives and you have “read more” links, clicking those links will redirect the visitor to a position in the… Lees verder »


Description Change the (more…) link so that it jumps to the entire post, not just just the part after the (more…). For example, suppose you go to the Nursery Blog… Lees verder »