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Description Usher brings Gmail-like keyboard shortcuts for navigating around the various core pages of the WordPress admin. Additionally, it includes a robust API for registering new global and screen-specific keyboard… Lees verder »


Description Airim is an FAQ widget which is being rapidly adopted by high-traffic websites to accelerate inbound sales. Airim helps website visitors find relevant information effortlessly and guides them to… Lees verder »

Novel Navigation Links

Description If you are on page “example.com/2016/09/22/my-novel-chapter-23” and there is also a page with slug “my-novel-chapter-22” then previous chapter link would be added. If there is page “my-novel-chapter-24” next chapter… Lees verder »


Description About Waze Waze is a free social traffic and navigation app that uses real-time road reports from drivers nearby to improve your daily commute. MyWaze WordPress Plugin MyWaze is… Lees verder »