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Post Navigator

Description Have a feature request? Sweet! Feature requests on Github: https://github.com/plugify/post-navigator/issues?labels=enhancement Want to contribute? Post Navigator on Github: http://github.com/plugify/post-navigator Adds a simple dropdown menu to the publish box which allows… Lees verder »

Specific Category PN Link

Description Write out the article about a specific category link. “特定カテゴリのみの前後リンク”を出力します。 Arbitrary section more detail. 詳しくはプラグインのページを参照 http://goo.gl/wbP2X Installation Upload SpecificCategoryPNLink folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin through the… Lees verder »

Custom Rel

Description By default, WordPress 2.8 puts link relation tags in the header of your posts, with the next and prev relation links pointing to the next and previous posts, chronologically…. Lees verder »