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Payolee Website Payments for WP

Description About Accept One-time or recurring payments on your wordpress website. Place a payment button or payment form on your worpress site with our shortcode. You’ll need a Payolee account… Lees verder »


Description Das Plugin stellte WordPress-Tags bereit, um VereinOnline.org-Inhalte in WordPress-Seiten einfachst darzustellen: Veranstaltungs-Kalender Veranstaltungs-Details Veranstaltungs-Gruppen-Informationen Veranstaltungs-Bildergalerien Aktuelle Meldungen Newsletter-Subscribe-Dialog …weiteres nach Bedarf, bitte melden! VereinOnline.org – Ihre Vereinssoftware im Internet… Lees verder »


Description ENG AVK-Shop – a plug of web shop in your WordPress, connects of payment systems, is ideal for people who have a need to sell any files on its… Lees verder »


Description This widget gives you ability to show top online radio stations of Volnorez.com, located at http://www.volnorez.com. Screenshots Plugin interface Plugin settings Faq Do I need to have an account… Lees verder »

Radio Puls

Description Using this plugin you can add radio player on your site in few seconds, you can add your favorite radio stations and enjoy music with Radio Puls NOTE Currently,… Lees verder »

Ntalker for WordPress

Description This plugin can make you chat with others who are on your WordPress site now by Ntalker. 这个插件可以使你利用Ntalker来与当前访问你的Wordpress的浏览? 进行在线即时聊天。 Screenshots screenshot-1.png Faq 如果有问题,请访问这里进行留言:http://www.domyself.me/lab/ntalker-for-wordpress A question that someone might have… Lees verder »