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Description For English, please see below. Czech: Tento plug-in Vám zajistí snadné použití statistické služby TOPlist.cz ve vašem blogu provozovaném na systému WordPress. Plug-in přidá nový widget (nazvaný TOPlist) a… Lees verder »


Description This plugin allows you to instantly export Google Docs to WordPress posts or pages. This plugin relies on a Third Party external service at https://app.wordable.io/ which is responsible for… Lees verder »


Description This plugin adds a server time to all posts types edit screen. Screenshots Faq Installation Instructions From your WordPress Dashboard Go to ‘Plugins Add New’ Search for ‘CC-Server-Time’ Activate… Lees verder »

ConsultApp – Ya Turbo Pages

Description Добавляет отдельный RSS канал с разметкой под Яндекс Турбо-страницы, который сразу после установки и активации плагина можно отдавать Яндексу в Вебмастере по адресу “http(s)://YOUR_SITE/feed/yaturbo/”. Разметка соответствует требованиям Яндекса и… Lees verder »

Custom Alert Manager

Description Put shortcode on your page or post and show your custom alerts like (Warning,Success,Info,Danger) on front-end as on different style. Major features in Manage Custom Alert Manager include: You… Lees verder »


Description Adds sticky support for pages and/or custom posts. Current features Easy to use Shortcode Widget Looking for a WordPress agency? Contact us: agence web WordPress How to uninstall Sticky… Lees verder »

Page Creator

Description Create pages quickly by pasting a list of page titles in a textarea. Each title should be on one line. The plugin used ajax to create the pages. You… Lees verder »

Wizhi Multi Filters

Description Wizhi Multi Filters 为WordPress的文章类型添加按照自定义分类法进行多条件筛选的功能。 使用方法 复制主题的 archive.php 为 archive-prod.php, “prod” 为上面设置中的 “文章类型名称” 的英文名称 添加以下代码到 archive-prod.php 模板中的 ?php while ( have_posts() ) : the_post(); ? 之前 注意:插件需要需要 PHP 5.4 以上的版本才能运行,建议使用… Lees verder »

MW WP Form kintone

Description MW WP Formで送信された内容をkintoneに保存するWordPressプラグインです。 MW WP Formで設定した「name」と、kintoneで設定した「フィールドコード」が一致したものが保存されます。 – ※ MW WP Formが同時にインストールされていることが必要です。 – ※ kintoneのAPIを利用しているため、kintone側での設定も必要です。 Screenshots /assets/screenshot-1.png /assets/screenshot-2.png /assets/screenshot-3.png Installation Upload the entire mw-wp-form-kintone folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Activate… Lees verder »

Site Notes

Description If you experience any problems OR feel a feature is missing or not working PLEASE go to the support BEFORE you leave a negative review. I am very active… Lees verder »

Allow Comments on Pages by Default

Description Since WordPress 4.3, comments are turned off on pages by default. This little plugin restores previous behaviour. Installation Upload allow-comments-on-pages-by-default folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Activate the plugin through… Lees verder »

Page Parts

Description Manage subsections of a page. Create ‘page parts’ as children of a page to display in different areas of your templates. Requires WordPress 3.4. For more information, view the… Lees verder »