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CS Gallery

Description Responsive thumbnail grid and popup dialog for images/document-files/mp3sounds/embedded youtube videos. Pop-up fullsize image for each thumbnail with description-text. Filter by category, place, textsearch or filetype. Administrator can add and… Lees verder »

Tap Warp

Description TapWarp is a simple, easy-to-use app for uploading pictures to websites. It helps you accelerate picture uploading, since with TapWarp you no longer need to move pictures to computers,… Lees verder »

Photo Puzzle

Description Quick Start Guide [photo puzzle quick start guide at thinklandingpages.com] (http://www.thinklandingpages.com/photo-puzzle/) An easy way to place a photo puzzle with content on your WordPress site. What you get when… Lees verder »


Description This plugin enables you to enjoy 360 photo with Google Cardboard. This plugin requires PHP 5.3 or later. Demo https://firegoby.jp/cardboard-plugin-demo Supported Cameras Google Street View RICOH THETA THETA S… Lees verder »

Go Gallery

Description Live Demo: Live Demo QuickStart: QuickStart This plugin has been created to display beautiful and functional grid galleries with minimum configuration effort and without slowing down your page load…. Lees verder »

WeiBo TuChuang

Description 微博图床是将图片上传到微博中作为图床使用。 上传到微博后自动获取图片链接并插入到文章中。 包含功能: 微博授权。 直接上传图片到微博。 上传图片后获取图片链接。 官方演示/Demo: 微博图床插件官方演示 如果您有任何问题或建议也可以留言,谢谢支持。 Faq 常见问题: 本插件不会获取您的微博账号密码,而是使用OAuth作为权限获取方式。 本插件不保证微博图片外链期限,外链期限以新浪微博为依据。 Installation Search ‘weibo tuchuang’ through the ‘Add new plugins’ page in WordPress 在 WordPress 的’添加新插件’ 页里搜索… Lees verder »

Eazyest Slides

Description Eazyest Slides adds the following gallery viewers to WordPress: Responsive Gallery with Thumbnail Carousel. Transform WordPress gallery to a responsive image gallery with a thumbnail carousel using Elastislide. Based… Lees verder »

NextGEN Player Template

Description Plugin integrates the jQuery Plugin Galleryview from Jack Anderson (http://www.spaceforaname.com/galleryview/) with NextGEN Gallery using custom template. Use the shortcode [nggallery id=x template=”player”] to show the new layout. Responsive version… Lees verder »