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OPcache Reset

Description This plugin clears OPcache after updating WordPress core, themes and files. Unlike other plugins, it is also compatible with theme and plugin updates made by WordPress Linux cron. Notice… Lees verder »

Code View

Description Easily use highlightjs and line-numbers to syntax-highlighted sample code on your blog posts Screenshots Installation This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working. e.g. Upload… Lees verder »


Description PressCode provides the best and easiest way to add custom code to your WordPress site… without the need for cumbersome plugin creation. While targeted at developers this plugin aims… Lees verder »

Compare hosting performance

Description Если вы сомневаетесь в том что ваш сервер/хостинг отвечает требованиям вашего сайта попробуйте этот плагин. Плагин выполняет тестирование и предоставляет результат вам в виде цифр. Результаты вы сможете сравнить… Lees verder »

PHP Everywhere

Description This plugin enables PHP code everywhere in your WordPress instalation. Using this plugin you can use PHP in: Widgets Pages Posts The plugin also supports different user restrictions and… Lees verder »

Pretty PHP Error Pages

Description This plugin utilizies the [Whoops!]http://filp.github.io/whoops/ PHP Error Page to display better error pages when fatal PHP errors are thrown. Whoops! gives you much more information than what PHP gives… Lees verder »

Host PHP Info

Description You can see your PHP Info in Tools-View PHP Info 你就可以在「工具-檢視PHP信息」看到伺服器的PHP信息 Translators Chinese, Simplified (zh_CN) – Arefly Chinese, Traditional (zh_TW) – Arefly English (en_US) – Arefly If you have… Lees verder »

Eval PHP

Description With this plugin can added native PHP code within article and blog data. For logged-in user PHP error messages are shown for debugging the PHP code. Each code block… Lees verder »

Nicer permalinks for Mongolian

Description permalink дээр хөрвүүлэлт хийгддэг. Хэрэглэхэд хялбар ба үнэгүй ашиглагдана. Нэмж хөгжүүлэлт нээлттэй! Arbitrary section none A brief Markdown Example none Screenshots Харагдах байдал Faq Is Share-Widget free? Yes! Installation… Lees verder »

cp1251 to utf8 Mongolian cryllic

Description Title, content, excerpt дээр хөрвүүлэлт хийгддэг. Хэрэглэхэд хялбар ба үнэгүй ашиглагдана. Нэмж хөгжүүлэлт нээлттэй шүү! Arbitrary section none A brief Markdown Example none Screenshots Өмнө нь Дараа нь Faq… Lees verder »

Auto Poster

Description Auto Poster is a simple plugin which will read your .zip file and post the files inside them as a post on your wp site Screenshots Screenshot of the… Lees verder »


Description English: Based on ‘MaGiKS Proper PHP’, a plugin from Keith James Lock, ‘HG3 Include Codes’ allow you to include any code (html, php, javascript,etc.) directly into the WordPress editor…. Lees verder »

PHP to Page

Description Keep your PHP and WordPress seperate, using the shortcode [php-to-page] you can include PHP files in your pages. This plugin is perfect for those who use WordPress as a… Lees verder »

HTML Helpers

Description This plugin adds simple HTML tag generation API to WordPress, like these examples: generates and prints img src=”/wp-content/your-theme/images/wordpress.png” alt=”Wordpress” /. ‘my-image’)) ? generates and returns almost the same tag,… Lees verder »

PHP Image Cache

Description This plugin cache images with PHP. Other cache plugins depends on your server settings. If you don’t have the appropriate server settings enabled, then your images will not be… Lees verder »