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Embed Picasa Album

Description This plugin add new button to tinymce that allows you insert any of yours albums into post. No need in downloading your photos into multiple places. Add entire album… Lees verder »

Red Prunus

Description 帮助你的blog翻墙。防止GFW的? ?键词过滤,并且自动帮助来自facebook,picasaweb和flickr的图片加代理。 注意: 你的blog服务器? 须在国外,否则图片代理没有用。 因为GFW太淫荡了,反? ?键词过滤的功能并不能十? ?十美。相? ?限制请看plugin主页。 A must-have plugin if you have a wordpress blog which locales outside China have Chinese users It helps your blog… Lees verder »


Description Before trying out this plugin, please take a looking at DEMO: http://zhiqiang.org/blog/photo.html This plugin uses PicasaWeb API to retrieval your albums information, cache them (but the photos themselves aren’t… Lees verder »


Description This is the long description. No limit, and you can use Markdown (as well as in the following sections). Picasaweb is a plugin could post the photo in your… Lees verder »