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Pods Stream Connector

Description Pods Stream Connector is a plugin that allows you to view Pods activity within the WordPress Stream plugin. Requires Pods or later. Requires Stream 3.0 or later. Screenshots… Lees verder »

Pods Toolbar

Description A small utility that allows for faster navigation to create and edit Pods, manage components, edit settings, and even clear the cache! Easy to use and no setup required…. Lees verder »

Pods AJAX Views

Description Pods AJAX Views offers an easy way to generate cached views from AJAX when they haven’t been cached yet. It will serve straight from cache and output on the… Lees verder »

Pods Widgets

Description Allows you to insert data from any PodCMS pod into your sidebar. Simply select the pod, the template, and specify the number you would like to show. You can… Lees verder »