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Stop query_posts

Description The query_posts() function is often misused by theme and plugin developers. This little plugin will call WordPress’ built-in _doing_it_wrong() function, whenever query_posts() is used within a theme or plugin…. Lees verder »

Custom Query Fields

Description THIS PLUGIN IS IN HEAVY DEVELOPMENT! Extend your site’s querying and sorting functionality using custom field values. The following function registers queryable fields. register_custom_queryable_field($fieldName, $options); Simple Example: register_custom_queryable_field(‘city’); (The… Lees verder »


Description The aim of this plugin : be the in the first pages of Google ! To read more about the description of this WordPress plugin, see http://www.thugeek.com/web/plugin-seo-query-pour-wordpress/ Installation Unzip… Lees verder »


Description Review your database, read out your tables and see what?s going on. Easily run custom queries on your database for upgrades or other maintenance tasks. With CustomQuery you allow… Lees verder »