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Description The Quizess plugin is designed to work with the Gutenberg editor. It includes options to create and customize quizess, track player scores, add questions by topic and many more…. Lees verder »


Description create quizzes with easy navigations. view result in a pie chart. view solutions and leaderboard. Screenshots Faq How may questions a quiz can have No limit. Installation This section… Lees verder »

Survey Anyplace

Description Demo | Survey Anyplace Features Fun-to-take surveys, quizzes and assessments that can be embedded in your WordPress site with one click. Different question types, branded design, skip logic, scoring… Lees verder »


Description QuizMeister provides social network share functionality for your quiz score (via Twitter, Facebook, etc.) with external media support (via Imgur, Pintrest, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) on quiz questions, through oEmbed…. Lees verder »


Description This plugin makes it easy to add a quiz from QuizTiger.com into a post or page. Just use the shortcode [quiztiger id=YOUR QUIZ ID] where YOUR QUIZ ID is… Lees verder »

Quick Quiz

Description This plugin lets you create multiple choices quizzes. You display you quiz using a shortcode. The result of the quiz is automatically sent to the email specified in your… Lees verder »


Description What is it? The relaunched version of the quiz created for Project Babb for The Telegraph. Why use it? If you are looking for a super new plugin to… Lees verder »


Description Embed quizzes from QuizPedia.com on your blog Screenshots Find the id of the quiz you want to embed and put the shortcode ‘[qp id=”QUIZID” w=”WIDTH” h=”HEIGHT”]’ in your post… Lees verder »

Category Quiz

Description This plugin implements a yes/no quiz where each question is associated with a category and each “yes” response increases the count for that category. Each category must have the… Lees verder »


Description By using HEXAM PLUGIN (online examination system) you can provide online exams,quizzes in your web site. It is very easy, you can create a lot of tests in your… Lees verder »

Q wie Quiz

Description “Q wie Quiz” ist ein Quiz-Webgadget auf Flashbasis, mit dem Quiz-Module zu verschiedenen Themen auf einer Website schnell und einfach eingebunden werden koennen. Die Quiz-Module beinhalten zum Teil Sound… Lees verder »