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Description If you’ve ever wanted to offer a rating out of 5 stars for a product or service or website or movie or really whatever you’re blogging about, then this… Lees verder »

Testimonial Basics

Description Testimonial Basics is a full featured testimonial management plugin. backup and restore testimonials setup input forms in content or widget areas Author,Email,Testimonial are required input fields Testimonial Title,Location,Website are… Lees verder »


Description Most ratings plugins contain too much code: inline JavaScript, messy markup, weird CSS. Rate is simple, hardly intrusive, and completely overridable. A Post/Page/Custom Post Type’s rating is the average… Lees verder »


Description Enhance your blog with ratings and reviews from blippr.com. Simply install the plugin and your content will automatically be scanned and enriched with the blippr plugin (don’t worry, we… Lees verder »