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Description Remove outdated revisions of posts in one click. Screenshots This screen shot shows the dashboard widget. Faq Installation Instructions Upload plugin-name.phpand includes directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the… Lees verder »


Description Clears all revisions from your database. So this way you can keep your database less cluttered and more tidy. If you find this plugin useful, please consider to make… Lees verder »

Published Revisions Only

Description Published Revisions Only disables revisioning prior to a post being published. Autosaves and revisions made after publication are stored. Basically, I wanted to have a record of revisions that… Lees verder »

Disable Revisions

Description Disable revision functions in WordPress and delete all entries of revisions in database. It is extremely important to back up your database before install this plugin. Faq Installation Instructions… Lees verder »

No Revisions

Description While the WordPress 2.6 upgrade has not gone smoothly for a lot of people, one new feature that has yet to bite too many people is post revisions. Whenever… Lees verder »