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Great Carousel

Description Create beautiful carousel, with any contents (image, text, video…) Here an example : https://www.info-d-74.com/great-caroussel-plugin-wordpress/ Installation Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or install the plugin through the… Lees verder »


Description RotoText allows you to create, update and delete categorized text that can be injected into your theme’s templates by category and evenly rotated on http request. See the Usage… Lees verder »

BH Basic Slider

Description This plugin made with flexslider. Supported all crosebrowser and Responsive. very nice and helpful slider plugin Screenshots screenshot-1.jpg screenshot-2.jpg Faq Would supported all browsers Yes. Installation Upload BH Basic… Lees verder »

Theme Rotator

Description Theme Rotater lets you define dates where your themes should be activated automatically, e.g Ramadan theme, Halloween theme, Christmas theme.. etc. You can choose from the current themes, and… Lees verder »