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Monster Пульс

Description Этот плагин генерирует RSS-ленту по адресу site.ru/feed/pulse/ Включена поддержка AMP страниц, обложек и возраста записей. Отправить заявку для подключения к Пульс от Mail.ru можно на официальном сайте https://pulse.mail.ru/ Пульс… Lees verder »

Die Eule Vernetzt

Description This plugin uses the official eulemagazin.de RSS-Feed to fetch the two most recent posts of the german online magazine “Die Eule” and display them on your Worpress-Page. You can… Lees verder »

RSS for Yandex Turbo

Description Данный плагин автоматически создаст на вашем сайте новую RSS-ленту (или несколько лент) для сервиса «Яндекс.Турбо» в полном соответствии с техническими требованиями Яндекса. После установки плагина не забудьте проверить его… Lees verder »

Postqueue Feeds

Description This Plugin provides RSS-feeds for every given Postqueue. Arbitrary section Faq Installation Instructions Upload postqueue-feeds-wordpress.zip to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Extract the Plugin to a postqueue-feeds Folder Activate the plugin… Lees verder »

RSS for Yandex Zen

Description Данный плагин автоматически создаст на вашем сайте новую RSS-ленту для сервиса “Яндекс.Дзен” в полном соответствии с техническими требованиями Яндекса. После установки плагина не забудьте проверить его настройки в “Настройках\Яндекс.Дзен”…. Lees verder »

Hírstart Feed

Description A hirstart.hu aggregátor oldal igényeinek megfelelő speciális RSS feed kategória fordítóval. https://github.com/ggocsei/HirstartRSS Faq Q: Hogyan küldhetem el kéréseim, ötleteim, javaslataim a fejlesztőnek? A: A következő címre küldje el levelét:… Lees verder »

Optimize your feed for feedly

Description Adds the necesarry webfeeds tags to the RSS feed for feedly. Here’s the link to feedly’s article. Screenshots Options page Installation Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/optimize-your-feed-for-feedly directory,… Lees verder »


Description The plugin creates a shortcode for displaying animated RSS feeds, based on Feeds URL. Faq How to display the feeds? Use [dxrssfeed] shortcode. Example Shortcode: [dxrssfeed rss_url=”http://devrix.com/feed/” before_text=”Text Before”… Lees verder »

DesignContest Feed

Description DesignContest Feed – display active contests feed from www.designcontest.com at your website in 2 clicks. Screenshots Example implementation Widget options Installation Upload dcrss.php and dcstyle.css to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory… Lees verder »

azurecurve RSS Feed

Description Provides opposite rss feed to that configured in WordPress; e.g. if WordPress is configured for summary then an alternative feed called detail will be created, or if WordPress is… Lees verder »

Categorized Rss Feed

Description Widget that displays the categorized RSS link button. When this widget is displayed in “SmartPhone” category post, rss button’s link is to “SmartPhone” category RSS. カテゴリ別RSSリンクのボタンを表示するウィジェットです。もしこのウィジェットがスマホカテゴリの投稿で表示されたら、表示されるボタンはスマホカテゴリのRSSへのリンクになります。 Arbitrary section 1… Lees verder »

RSS News Scroller

Description RSS News Scroller is a simple news scroller which you can use by just activating it. Classic jQuery scrolling effect attract user to read news from Feed. News Scroller… Lees verder »

Feed Delay

Description Плагин выставляет задержку отправки новы? публикаций в RSS ленту. В данной версии задержка составляет 3 часа. = Предотвращение преждевременны? публикаций = Опубликовали статью и решили внести правки? В момент… Lees verder »

WP Admin Notification

Description This plugin display a notification message for WordPress User on admin panel. If you find a bug, Please pull request github. Translators Japanese(ja) – Horike Takahiro You can send… Lees verder »

Dual RSS Feed Key

Description In some cases, it’s necessary to provide a summary of each post in your primary RSS feed while still syndicating your content with full text to various parties. Dual… Lees verder »


Description This plugin uses Citybreak Information System (CBIS) to sync articles from selected categories in CBIS to locally created posts in WordPress. First map the CBIS categories you want to… Lees verder »

RSS-to-Email Images

Description Fixes large images in RSS-to-email campaigns by scaling them to a smaller size to fit most mobile screen sizes. Based on Chris Coyier’s post on CSSTricks (http://css-tricks.com/dealing-content-images-email/) Installation Install… Lees verder »

Email Feed

Description This Plugin creates an additial RSS feed at /emailfeed/ instead of /feed/ which is formatted to be used in emails This feed formats images properly for sending out in… Lees verder »

RSS Synchronisation

Description The plugin is configurable letting you define what feeds to read and how often to read them. It also lets you decide whether you want to store the external… Lees verder »

RSS Feed Widget

Description Author: Fahad Mahmood Project URI: http://androidbubble.com/blog/wordpress/widgets/rss-feed-widget URL Example URI: http://www.tutorsloop.net/app/live.php?id=4330772 License: GPL 3. See License below for copyright jots and tittles. Detailed description. Important! Visit my blog and suggest… Lees verder »

RSS Image Resize

Description If you use a service such as Feedburner or MailChimp to turn your RSS feed into an email subscription, and the images in your posts are more than 600px… Lees verder »


Description Adds an RSSCB option to feeds. RSS-CB is an extension of the RSS standard designed to add machine readable information to feeds. See: http://www.cbwiki.net/wiki/index.php/RSS-CBMain Faq What is RSS-CB? RSS-CB… Lees verder »