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Scheduled Contents Shortcode

Description Adds shortcode [schedule]. Simple way to show and hide content by datetime. [schedule from=”2017-08-10T15:00″ to=”2020-08-11T23:00″] your contents. [/schedule] Requirement PHP 5.5+ Faq Installation Instructions Upload plugin-name.php to the /wp-content/plugins/… Lees verder »

postical (iCal exporter)

Description export the posts schedules as iCal format. iCal URL is: http://YOUR-WP-ADDRESS/postical GitHub: https://github.com/matsuoshi/wp-postical WordPress plugin page: https://wordpress.org/plugins/postical/ Faq Installation Instructions Install and activate the plugin. Access to http://YOUR-WP-ADDRESS/postical ,… Lees verder »

MZ Nav Games

Description MZ Nav Games is designed for development of plugins that need to navigate through a calendar. Such that transitions from year to year are fluid and code is abstracted… Lees verder »

Timed Posts

Description Timed Posts allows a blog post to include multiple sections which will only appear at certain times. For support please see http://www.pgogy.com and http://www.pgogy.com/code/groups/wordpress/timed-posts/ Screenshots Timed Post Editor Faq… Lees verder »

MY Missed Schedule

Description 重发定时失败的文章。Find missed schedule posts and it republish them correctly. Once every five minutes. 不是已经有类似的插件了吗?比如 WP Missed Schedule 如果你发布文章后还有后续动作,比如同步文章到微博,发邮件通知等等,在网站并发时(同一时间很多人挤进来),这个时候触发了wp-missed-schedule等插件会导致同步多条微博或者多封邮件。 MY Missed Schedule 插件用了定时的原理,这种方式不会导致多次触发。这也是我做这个插件的原因,因为wp-missed-schedule无法跟 WordPress连接微博 的“同步微博”功能完美组合使用。如果你也碰到类似问题,一起来试试 MY Missed Schedule


Description The DaySwitcher plugin let you choose a schedule for displaying your WordPress themes. Simply configure the display theme schedule : choose the beginning and the ending hour of the… Lees verder »