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Description Gestione pagina non trovata, effettua una ricerca cercando termini relativi alla pagina assente

Search Cloud One

Description Search Cloud One eliminates the expense of purchasing, deploying and maintaining traditional hardware and software. Allow members of your organization, guests or subscribers to search documents, which are stored… Lees verder »


Description Doofinder provides fast, accurate results based on your website contents. Results appear in your search box at an incredible speed as the user types. Doofinder can be installed in… Lees verder »

Ola Searchbot

Description Conversations are what makes life interesting, and when using the Ola Searchbot on your site, your visitors can ask questions in natural language related to the site’s content and… Lees verder »

Search in HTML

Description Plugin para buscar palavras no html da p?gina est?tica. Arbitrary section 1 Faq Installation Instructions Upload search-html.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in… Lees verder »

Post Search Ajax

Description Post Search ajax – is a live search plugin for WordPress. This already responsive live search engine, which will help your user experience by providing a user friendly ajax… Lees verder »


Description It is a plugin to search for custom fields. Just activating the plugin will be displayed on the default search result screen. Faq Installation Instructions Upload the entire archive-posts-sort-customize… Lees verder »

Disable Search Slug

Description If bots are attacking your site by appending /search/a-random-string-or-word, then those pages may be getting indexed by search engines, or populating search logs. This plugin disables that permalink structure…. Lees verder »