Tag: security

SameSite Cookies

Description This plugin adds the “SameSite” cookie flag to WordPress’s authentication cookies. On supported browsers (all current IE, Edge, Chrome, and Firefox), this can effectively prevent all Cross-Site Request Forgery… Lees verder »


Description SIWECOS is a free security scanning service trying to help website owners making there site more secure. In order to do so, SIWECOS utilizes a total of 5 scanners… Lees verder »


Description BountySite plugin allows BountySite users to manage their backups from within wordpress. This is done by making REST API to BountySite Backup API. Before using plugin, API ACLs(whitelisting of… Lees verder »


Description RESTless is a tiny WordPress plugin which disables access to the REST API (available in WordPress since version 4.4) for non-authenticated users. This prevents usage of the REST API… Lees verder »

Simple Not Found Rescue

Description This plugin redirects all 404 not found page to homepage. Faq Installation Instructions After you’ve downloaded and extracted the files: Upload the complete ‘simple-not-found-rescue’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory… Lees verder »

Simple HSTS Preload

Description This plugin enables WordPress to send HSTS header to browser Note: Enabling HSTS header will prevent user to open your WordPress site without https. HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS)… Lees verder »


Description Expose support for WordPress Faq Installation Instructions Manual Installation Upload the entire /unmask directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory. Activate Unmask through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress. Installation Manual Installation… Lees verder »

Password Check

Description This plugin sends all changed password hashes to haveibeenpwned.com’s API to check whether they’ve been breached or not. If a password has been breached, the user is unable to… Lees verder »

Secure Messaging

Description Automatically encrypt certain WordPress messages using your GPG public key to ensure no one but you can ever read the message. This is primarily used to secure password reset… Lees verder »