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Peasy Admin

Description This plugin utilizes Options and Settings API and provides an easy to use to API to build custom admin pages. Resources WordPress Plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/peasy-admin/ Github Repository: https://github.com/appristas/peasy-admin Issues Tracker:… Lees verder »

STRL settings

Description This plugin adds and changes a number of WordPress settings. WARNING: this plugin disables auto-updates by default! It allows for the following functionalities: Changes login screen Checks if important… Lees verder »


Description Get BuddyPress goodness without the coding knowledge! Until now, BuddyPress has had a number of internal configuration options that were only able to be configured by updating the code… Lees verder »

Site Settings

Description Use the Site Settings plugin to create admin fields for storing short text snippets for use in your theme templates. For example, an email or phone number that is… Lees verder »

Simple Settings

Description A plugin to create, modify, and retrieve basic settings for use in templates, posts, and pages. This plugin also supports token replacement in template files as well as via… Lees verder »

All Settings

Description Simple plugin that adds an All Settings submenu to the Settings menu for Administrators and above, enabling one-click access to the options.php file. Faq What exactly does this do?… Lees verder »