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Description Sharpay is multisharing button with blockchain profit. It allows you to reward site’s visitors for sharing content to their audience via Facebook, Twitter, Medium, Reddit and many other social… Lees verder »

Bosima WeChat Page Sharing

Description 本插件通过集成微信提供的JS-SDK,从而实现自定义网页分享的内容,包括Url、标题、图片和内容。 1、本插件简单灵活,分享的内容可全部从页面提取,也可在后台自定义。 2、目前已实现首页、分类页、文章页、标签页、搜索页、存档页以及单独页面的分享。 3、分享目标支持微信朋友、微信朋友圈、QQ、QQ空间。 4、分享标题、图片、描述等内容首先从自定义模板提取,如果未设置模板则从页面提取,如果页面上提取不到则根据当前页面内容自动生成。 5、从页面提取时,各个分享内容的来源:标题来源于html-head-title,描述从html-head-meta[name=’description’]提取,图片取正文中的第一张图。 6、分享url目前只能是当前url,未提供自定义设置功能。 Dependency WeChat JS-SDK https://res.wx.qq.com/open/js/jweixin-1.2.0.js This plugin depends on the WeChat JS-SDK, which is a remote JS file and provided by WeChat. It… Lees verder »


Description With this plugin you can add your direct downloads for pdf-documents in your wordpress-installation which supported by pdfsharing.com. pdfsharing.com is a service so you can create direct downloads for… Lees verder »


Description This plugin makes it easy for users to generate social profile sets and sharing links but also makes it simple for the developer to implement into a template. Whether… Lees verder »

Gallery Sharing

Description Adds a new tool to post editor that allows you to share you galleries. Arbitrary section Faq Installation Instructions Upload gallery-sharing-wordpress.zip to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory Extract the Plugin to… Lees verder »

Buooy Sticky Header

Description Ever wanted to have a sticky header that can help your post go social? Wondered how your post can be like Mashable (http://mashable.com/2014/06/06/polar-bear-cam/) and Elitedaily (http://elitedaily.com/life/culture/why-millennials-need-to-be-responsible-for-remembering-the-past/622873/)? Now you can!… Lees verder »


Description Automatically adds a “Tweet this!” button to blockquotes and selected text in your existing content. Retina ready and automatically matches your site’s theme. No configuration required. Tweets include the… Lees verder »


Description Webshare is another social sharing plugin but it only displays sharing links with Genericon fonts. So it’s lightweight. Plugin usage When you activate the plugin social sharing appears after… Lees verder »


Description Future upgrades to Sharedaddy plugin will only be available in Jetpack. Jetpack connects your blog to the WordPress.com cloud, enabling awesome features. Screenshots Manage sharing services Share posts Installation… Lees verder »