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Shopp (nl)

Description Shopp 1.2.8 This plugin requires the Shopp plugin Developers ./update-pot shopp ./update-pot shopp ~/Sites/example.com/wp-content/plugins/shopp ./download-po shopp 1.2.8 ./update-mo shopp Links Pronamic Remco Tolsma Markdown’s Syntax Documentation Pronamic plugins Pronamic… Lees verder »

Shopp SEO Glue

Description Important! Please note that this plugin is not actively maintained. No further work is planned and it will not receive bug fixes. Any developers from the Shopp community interested… Lees verder »

Shopp Importer

Description Shopp Importer Plugin provides a mechanisim to import Products from a specifically formatted CSV file into the shopp product database. IMPORTANT: You must have Shopp installed. Click here to… Lees verder »

Shopp Wholesale

Description This is a BETA release of the Shopp Wholesale system. Shopp Wholesale is a comprehensive wholesale management system for Shopp. It allows the administrator to enable wholesale prices for… Lees verder »

Shopp SEO Helper

Description Changes the wp_title content when viewing a Shopp product or category. Based on code by ‘Stanislav’ at http://forums.shopplugin.net/topic/customizing-catalog-page-titles-please-help Installation Upload the contents of this zip file to your `/wp-content/plugins/’… Lees verder »