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5280 Go Fund Me Widget

Description A lightweight WordPress plugin that adds a ‘Go Fund Me’ donate button to your WordPress website using short-code. Usage ‘[gfm-widget id=”my-gfm-campaign”][/gfm-widget]’ ‘[gfm-widget id=”my-gfm-campaign” width=”500″ height=”500″ image=”false” info=”false”][/gfm-widget]’ Widget options:… Lees verder »

Shortcode Scrubber

Description The Shortcode Scrubber plugin allows to you to confidently manage plugins and themes that use shortcodes. Have you ever gone to disable a WordPress plugin not realizing that it… Lees verder »

GeoPlatform Search

Description The GeoPlatform Search plugin is used to browse, search, and access the portfolio of GeoPlatform assets (Datasets, Services, Layers, Maps, Galleries, Communities) by users throughout the GeoPlatform ecosystem. The… Lees verder »

Sage Slider

Description Sage Slider plugin allows you to add the slider at any place on frontend by calling a shortcode [sage-slider].It gives you options in customizer to add and modify slides…. Lees verder »

Get Status

Description getStatus is a simple DIY to instantly introduce neat “customer area” for clients to have access to project status. Where it stands?, what’s next?, documents, updates and much more… Lees verder »