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Brand Extra

Description Add Flickr widgets, Instagram widgets, Social links widgets, gallery shortcodes and more on your theme. Enhanced gallery Brand Extra enhances the default WordPress gallery. It displays it in a… Lees verder »

Sel Shortcodes

Description This plugin generates following shortcodes on wp sites. * Grid * Button * Callouts * Accordion * Tabs Faq Installation Details Upload ‘sel-shortcodes’ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory Activate the… Lees verder »

Bulma Shortcodes

Description This plugin adds a collection of WordPress shortcodes for Bulma components as well as a simple TinyMCE dropdown to add them. Usage The easiest way to add shortcodes is… Lees verder »

Blank Shortcodes

Description The Blank Shortcodes WordPress plugin lets you blank out any shortcode that you don’t need anymore. Suppose, for example, you have thousands of posts in your site and most… Lees verder »

Robot Features

Description Robot Features is a WordPress plugin for Robot theme from Webzakt. The features works only with Unyson plugin. License Robot Features, Copyright (C) 2016, webzakt Robot Features is distributed… Lees verder »

Curiosity Elements

Description Curiosity Elements is a WordPress plugin for Curiosity Lite theme from Webzakt. The features works only with Unyson plugin. License Curiosity Elements, Copyright (C) 2016, webzakt Curiosity Elements is… Lees verder »

Social Shortcodes

Description This plugin will allow you to use the shortcode syntax: [twitter title=”Title For Tweets” user=”YOUR_TWITTER_HANDLE” count=”5″] to output tweets in a page or theme. It currently only supports Twitter,… Lees verder »


Description Programmatically add any shortcode to pages and posts based on tags after the content. Developement at https://git.nexlab.net/wordpress/autoshortcoder Installation Installing “autoshortcoder” can be done either by searching for “autoshortcoder” via… Lees verder »

User Shortcodes Plus

Description Add simple user shortcodes to WordPress for displaying information, including custom meta and avatars, for any user. Available Shortcodes: – [user_id] – [user_login] – [user_email] – [user_firstname] – [user_lastname]… Lees verder »