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Description This plugin will automatically flush Peakhour’s global CDN when editing posts/pages/media through the wordpress admin. It also enables manual flushing based on URL patterns from within the wordpress admin…. Lees verder »

Warp Cache

Description Simple, light and powerful cache plugin. No customisation required, only activate plugin and plugin will do the rest. Integrated GooglePage Speed Insights for monitoring how well website is optimized…. Lees verder »

QQWorld Woocommerce助手精简版

Description QQWorld WooCommerce助手,包含品牌、送货、物流查询等扩展设置。 Screenshots 品牌分类法 送货状态 中国本地化,编辑送货地址 中国本地化,订单页查看收货地址 中国本地化,订单页编辑收货地址 Installation 上传 qqworld-woocommerce-assistant-lite 目录到 /wp-content/plugins/ 在插件页激活 QQWorld Woocommerce Assistant Lite插件 Changelog 1.0.1 新特性: 3. [付费] 物流查询 1.0 新特性: 1. 品牌分类法 2…. Lees verder »

SiteObservers for WordPress

Description SiteObservers WordPress plugin is the all-in-one testing and monitoring solution for servers, applications, and WordPress plugins to help safeguard and enhance online businesses. It is completely FREE of cost… Lees verder »

Open Lazy

Description A handy toolkit can easily tweak up and speed up your wordpress, more simple, more natural. Including pack the resources, unload the unnecessary, maintenance mode, etc. Features Resource Packer… Lees verder »


Description This is the Official Speedly.io WordPress plugin to help optimize your WordPress website for the Speedly network. Installation Download the plugin file Extract the speedly-for-wordpress.zip file Upload the speedly… Lees verder »

Cache Buddy

Description Minimizes the situations in which logged-in users appear logged-in to WordPress, which increases the cacheability of your site. Contribute https://github.com/markjaquith/cache-buddy/ Faq Will this work for BuddyPress sites? No. Nor… Lees verder »

QQWorld Speed for China

Description 如果你的主机在中国,你可能需要这个插件使你的网站跑得更快。 If your host is in china, you might need this plugin to make your website to running faster. 如果你想更新的时候,不要忘记临时开启这些选项。 If you want to update, don’t forget temporarily enable… Lees verder »


Description Automatically purge Cloudflare cache, including cache everything rules. Warning!!! This plugin is not for normal users! Read the whole readme and FAQ before installing. Cloudflare cache everything rules breaks… Lees verder »


Description The archives WordPress plugin. This plugin creates real posts archives and greatly reduces the DB load since old posts are called only when needed. This plugin is great for… Lees verder »


Description What this plugin can do for you One-click WordPress-optimized settings The easiest way to setup Cloudflare for your WordPress site. Web application firewall (WAF) rulesets Available on all of… Lees verder »