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StaticPress Auto Builder

Description This plugin provides scheduled build and WP-CLI command for build from console/cron. Requirements StaticPress https://wordpress.org/plugins/staticpress/ WP-CLI http://wp-cli.org WP-CLI command usage The user option required. $ wp staticpress build –user=user_id/username/email… Lees verder »


Description Have performance issues? StaticWP converts your blog into a static site, so you don’t have to worry. Installation Upload the StaticWP plugin to your site, and activate it! Yep,… Lees verder »


Description Transform your WordPress into static websites and blogs. More documentation, you can find here: StaticPress Localization “Static Press” has been translated into languages. Our thanks and appreciation must go… Lees verder »


Description Security Performance via static website publishing. One plugin to solve WordPress’s biggest problems. Keep using WordPress for what it’s best at – managing content, but remove the security and… Lees verder »

Static Feed

Description Improve the performance of your site by serving your feeds as static (XML) files. WARNING If you are not confident with creating/editing files or changing file permissions on your… Lees verder »