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Text Effect Shortcodes

Description Create HTML text effects by surrounding your line by shortcodes. Blinking, scrolling text and more! Shortcodes: blink, marquee, code, rainbow Examples: [blink]this text blinks[/blink] [marquee]this text scrolls[/marquee] [code]this is… Lees verder »


Description 国内文章一般习惯段落首行缩进支持,2em是为官方富文本编辑器tinymce增加首行缩进支持,方便博主手动控制段落的首行缩进。 Features: 1. 编辑器增加缩进按钮,点击切换缩进; 2. tab按键监听(tab增加,shift+tab缩减); Screenshots Installation 你可以在后台插件管理页面中直接搜索 2em 并安装 或者上传 iw-2em 至 /wp-content/plugins/ 目录 在插件管理页面中激活 2em Changelog 1.0.0 2em 的第一个版本,增加官方tinymce编辑器增加首行缩进功能。 1.0.1 增加编辑器的tab按键监听,tab增加,shift+tab缩减。 对文章常用块元素增加支持(DIV,P,H1,H2,H3,H4,H5,H6)。

WP Admin Style

Description Adds styles to wp-admin pages. Most popular Black with Pink style included. Screenshots Dashboard page Dashboard page with open Screen options Dashboard page with open Help Pages page Faq… Lees verder »

Witlee for WP

Description About Witlee: Witlee is the only product advertising company focused on Product Discovery for content sites. Our plugin will transform regular links into dynamic product recommendations – completely automatically… Lees verder »

Admin Layouts

Description To make your admin layout more attractive and colorful Support So that others can share in the answer, please submit your support requests through the WordPress forums for Admin… Lees verder »

Slick Write

Description This extension makes it easier to proof your writing with the Slick Write web service. Analyze your work’s flow, check for the passive voice, eliminate unnecessary adverbs, and much… Lees verder »

TSB Occasion Editor

Description Add/modify/delete occasions for the iPhone app. Only works for one person. Useless if you are not Dan. Installation Hit “Install”. Changelog 1.2 Get description from database 1.1 Hotfixes 1.0… Lees verder »


Description LESS-CSS is a powerful CSS pre-processor that lets you simplify and speed up CSS development and extend existing CSS functionality. The #BW LESS-CSS plugin integrates the .LESS language into… Lees verder »

Decomoji.jp (web font service)

Description A plugin to use the web font service with your Decomoji.jp account. Note that you need a acount on Decomoji.jp. (sign up free.) Japanese このプラグインをインストールすると、簡単に“ウェブフォント”を使えるようになります。 「デコもじ」サービスと連携して動作します。(アカウント登録が必要です※) ※無料トライアルを含む、全てのご利用プランに対応しています。 http://decomoji.jp/wordpress/ About… Lees verder »


Description UNDER DEVELOPEMENT – NOT FUNCTIONAL StyleCodes adds a library shortcodes that can be used to apply predefined CSS styles to a sections of text. For example creating dropcaps, block… Lees verder »


Description RTLer, is just a simple plugin that generates the RTL stylesheet rtl.css for you from your theme’s style.css file. It automatically scans your file, reads values and adds its… Lees verder »